Hidden in Plain Sight

Domestic Sex Trafficking

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In order to stop the problem,
we have to understand it. 

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Sex Traffickers work

in the United States. 

Everyone should know what human trafficking is, and the basic facts about how it occurs. When jury members are first learning about "human trafficking" in a court room, we have a problem. We need to increase awareness.


Many people think that human trafficking happens in other countries, but not here. The purpose of this website is to provide resources for those who want to learn about human trafficking, who work with young people who could be vulnerable, or providers working with survivors.


This site specifically focuses on domestic sex trafficking, which is the trafficking of minors and adults in the United States, and how to support victims from rescue to recovery. This is a problem hidden in plain sight. 


Sex trafficking victims often have to testify against their traffickers in court. This video demonstrates community members sharing a victim's statement after her trafficker was charged. She had a victim advocate read it in court for her.


She wanted to share her story for everyone to hear. 

Hotline Numbers and Contact Information

National Human Trafficking Hotline

New Jersey Human Trafficking Contacts

  • NJ State Victim Services - Covenant House 

    • Phone: (862) 240-2453

  • NJ Human Trafficking Hotline

    • Phone: 855-363-6548

  • Website: New Jersey Statistics