The list below describes key terms used in sex trafficking. Scroll over the terms below to see the definition. 

The Life

The culture around prostitution, with its own set of rules and hierarchy. Can refer to a number of different types of prostitution, pimp-controlled or not.

A group of victims who are under the control of the same pimp or trafficker.


A tattoo or carving on a victim that indicates ownership or claim by that pimp, trafficker, or gang. 


An area of town or city known for prostitution activity. This can be the area around a group of strip clubs or a particular stretch of street.


The exchange between the buyer and the victim. A forced prostitution situation where an exchange of money or goods occurs.


Or Bottom Bitch. A female put in charge by the trafficker/pimp to supervise the others. She may collect the money, book hotel rooms, create ads, or inflict punishments on the other girls.


 The person buying sexual access to the victim (noun). Or a victim could be said to be “turning a trick” (verb)


The term a pimp/trafficker will require his victims to call him while under his control.


When a victim is not under the control of a pimp; or someone who is "disobeying" a pimp's rules. 

Out of Pocket 

The person who controls a victim and financially benefits from forcing them to engage in prostitution. 


An establishment where sex is sold on the premises. They are often open 24 hours and can be a house, apartment, or facility. Many victims are kept there for days at a time. 


When a different pimp takes control of a victim. A victim can accidentally initiate this transaction through eye contact with that pimp. Then her previous pimp may have to pay to bring her back into his control.  

Choosing Up

Similar to a stable, this is a term used to describe the group of people in the network of the pimp or "daddy." 


A pimp who usually romances victims with affection and gifts instead of violence, but the threat of violence is always there. 

Romeo Pimp

The amount of money a victim must make before going home to the pimp. The amount is usually a set amount. All of the money is typically given to the pimp or bottom. 


person usually involved in prostitution but not under the control of a pimp. 


Someone new to prostitution or new to being forced into prostitution. 

Turn Out

The idea that victims of a pimp behave a certain way and make money for them while they are locked up or have been arrested. 


A series of cities or location which victims are moved. 


An area known for having very young human trafficking victims.

Kiddie Stroll

A pimp who uses physical violence and abuse to obtain and control their victims.

Gorilla or "Guerilla" Pimp

A term for someone who is trafficked at truck stops. 

Lot Lizard

When several pimps surround a victim in order to scare or intimidate a victim. 

Pimp Circle

Attempting to exit or escape prostitution.

Squaring Up